A Blog and Other Things

Welcome to my blog-ish subdomain. You’re free to read any content here but please know this subdomain is mostly how I’ll be making sure I don’t forget random technical things. I’m the primary audience. I hope you enjoy the content anyways.

I’ll most likely be talking about flying planes, Go, FreeBSD, and self-hosting. I might dabble in some anti Big Tech sentiments as well.


Replicating a ZFS dataset to another host.
PUB 03NOV2021 1524Z

High Availability, RAID10, and 3-2-1 Backups with FreeBSD.
PUB 06OCT2021 1647Z

Real World rc.d Script for Open Source Go Projects
PUB 06JUN2021 2130Z

A Minimal Backup Script
PUB 23MAY2021 1934Z

Reverse Proxying WordPress
PUB 10MAY2021 0030Z

CI/CD! Who Needs ‘Em?
PUB 06MAY2021 0123Z

A Minimal FreeBSD rc.d Script
PUB 06MAY2021 0123Z

This Is A Standard Go Project Layout
PUB 06MAY2021 0123Z