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What is this?

This is a guide on how to setup a primary and secondary FreeBSD server that enables high availability and 3-2-1 backups using a few key components: FreeBSD’s HAST (highly available storage), RAID10, and ZFS. No package manager or port required.


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I host 33 web services on my personal servers. Ten of which are Go web services which I have created. They’re “open source.” In quotes as some services and their sources are obscured (I don’t care to document their uses). Managing more than a couple web services effectively needs some level of automation. Specifically around building and deploying the web services. Of which I handle with Git hooks and rc.d on FreeBSD.

On this blog you can find posts on minimal rc.d scripts and minimal CI/CD scripts but here I will show a full example I use across a number of open source Go projects that I think work well for general usage (and is used for this very blog).